Magnolia Elementary School

Parent Involvement

page2-img1.jpgPARENT CLUB – The purpose of this organization is to further interest in the school and its activities, to promote school pride and to develop a spirit of cooperation between home and school. All parents who have students enrolled at Magnolia are members. You are encouraged and invited to attend meetings. Check the monthly newsletter and marquee for meeting information.

VOLUNTEERS – Please contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in volunteering in the classroom. Parent volunteers enhance opportunities for learning in the classroom by increasing individual student assistance. Our room parents are very valuable volunteers. Volunteers are asked to sign in at the registration table near the entry doors and put on a Visitor’s Pass whenever coming on campus. Volunteers may not bring children not registered at Magnolia with them to help in the classroom. This includes field trips and room parties.

CLASSROOM PARTIES – As per District policy, parties are limited to: Winter Party, Valentine’s Day, Spring Party, and the last day of school party. Class birthday celebrations are for kindergarten and first grade students and limited to the last ten minutes of the day. Balloons, flowers, etc. may not be delivered at school, as this is very disruptive to the educational program. The Transportation Department does not allow these items on buses. Homebaked/cooked food items may not be given to students. Healthy food choices are encouraged.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF PARENTS/GUARDIANS – These guidelines are provided for parents/guardians of our students:

  • Cooperate with your child’s teacher and administrator in maximizing student achievement. Please call the teacher to arrange a conference if there is a concern.
  • Help your child understand and obey all school rules and also insist s/he behave acceptably while going to and from school.
  • Help your child understand and face the consequences of his/her own behavior.
  • Train your child by work and example in the essentials of good citizenship so s/he respects the rights and property of others.
  • Become familiar with the educational program by attending school functions and taking an interest in your child's school experiences.
  • Notify the school immediately of changes of address, or changes of legal custody.
  • Recognize that parents are liable for all willful damages to school district properties and for all property belonging to the District and loaned to the students (Ed. Code 48909).
  • Send your child to school regularly; making certain that s/he is well rested, fed and properly clothed for the activities of the day.

(See Dress and Grooming policy)