Magnolia Elementary School

General Information

FIELD TRIPS – A Parent/Guardian needs to sign a permission slip with all details included before a child may take part in a planned field trip. Only students enrolled in the class may participate in school-sponsored field trips.

INSURANCE – Student insurance is available through Myers-Stevens. A form is available in the front office upon request. As the district does NOT carry insurance on individual students, parents may choose to take advantage of this offer.

LIBRARY/COMPUTER CENTER – Various books and reference materials are available for students to check out. Each class is scheduled both Library and Computer time weekly. Instructional software is used in the computer center to support classroom instruction.

MESSAGES TO STUDENTS – We are concerned about interrupting classroom instruction. Messages to students will be placed in teachers’ boxes. We will not interrupt class to deliver messages, except for an emergency. Please make sure your child is aware of after school arrangements prior to the start of the school day.

LOST AND FOUND – Tables with lost and found items are located in the courtyard. The school cannot be responsible for any lost belongings.

PARKING – Traffic control and our students’ safety are major concerns throughout the school day. Our parking area is very limited. Kindergarten children should be picked up either in the front hall or at the back of the school. Please do not block a crosswalk with your vehicle or double park. When crossing the streets, use crosswalks. There is a parking lot across the street from the front of the school. The bus loading zone in back of the school is for buses only.

BREAKFAST PROGRAM – Breakfast is available beginning 7:15 a.m. each school day. Serving stops at 7:40 a.m. promptly. If a student qualifies for free or reduced price lunch, s/he will also qualify for free or reduced price breakfast. Menus are sent home monthly.

LUNCH PROGRAM – Parents are responsible for providing lunch or money for their child. Lunches are available for all 1st through 6th grade students. These meals include milk. Parents are encouraged to purchase meals on a weekly or monthly basis. Milk or orange juice can be purchased separately by students who bring sack lunches. Free and reduced price meals are available to students who qualify. Information and application forms are available in the school office. All students receive an application on the first day of school. Food ordered from the school cafeteria may not be taken off campus. Kindergarten students have a separate snack program which is explained in a special letter for kindergarten parents. Free and reduced prices are not available for kindergarten snack.

AFTER SCHOOL RECREATION – Supervision by Oakdale Joint Unified employees is available from 2:02-6:00 p.m. at Magnolia School if your child is registered. Please call the district office 168 S. 3rd Street Oakdale, CA 95361 for additional information 848-4884.

DRESS AND GROOMING POLICY – Students and parents need to be aware of the importance of good grooming and its effect upon the learning environment. Defiance of the dress code is subject to disciplinary action and possible suspension. Some of the district’s dress code requirements are as follows:

  • Closed-toed, fastened shoes must be worn. NO ROLLER shoes at school.
  • No tank tops with oversized armholes, halter tops, or straps narrower than one inch.
  • All tops must cover student’s torso.
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be mid-thigh length or longer.
  • Students shall be clean and neatly groomed.
  • Any apparel, hairstyle, cosmetic or jewelry, even if not specifically mentioned, which creates a safety concern, draws undue attention to the wearer or tends to detract from the educational process is prohibited.
  • Hats may only be worn outside with the bill forward.  Attire with inappropriate words or pictures may not be worn. Only one article of camouflage clothing may be worn.
  • Clothing may not advertise the use of any alcohol or drug.
  • For playground and P.E. safety, loop or hanging earrings may not be worn.
  • No gang clothing or symbols …in compliance with district policy.

PERSONAL ITEMS – Items brought to school for classroom sharing must remain in the classroom at all times. Toys and games may not be brought to school. The school cannot be responsible for personal items if they are lost or stolen.

PROHIBITED ITEMS – Items which are disruptive to school activities are not permitted. Such items include, but are not limited to, water balloons, water pistols, radios, tape/CD/MP3 players, skateboards, yo-yos, whistles, caps or "poppers", other explosive devices. The following items are prohibited by State Law from school grounds: firecrackers, knives, matches, firearms of any type, weapons of any type, tobacco and illegal substances. Possession of these items will result in serious consequences.

SCHOOL PROPERTY – Students are responsible for all textbooks, library books, desks and school property issued to them. Loss of books due to theft or other circumstances will not be accepted as an excuse for nonpayment or for not completing class assignments. Failure on the part of the students to pay for lost or damaged school property will result in administrative action. It is important that a student clear all debts promptly. Replacement cost on any new or used textbook that is lost will be the financial responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian.

PETS Because of the danger to children, pets are not permitted on the school grounds. In cases where an animal is brought to the classroom, it must be for an educational purpose and with prior approval of the teacher. The animal must be transported to and from school by the parent. No animals may be left at school. Animals must be properly caged or kept in a safe container. Glass containers may not be used.

SAFETY – The school rules are designed to help prevent accidents. Students are urged to observe every safety precaution on the way to and from school and while at school. Students must report any accident to their own teacher or to the teacher on duty. Students riding bicycles to school must bring their own lock/chain and wear a helmet. The bicycle racks are not locked and we cannot assume responsibility for bicycles brought to school. Students may not ride skateboards, scooters, or skates to school.

BUS (847-7003) – Riding a school bus is a privilege extended to students by the school district. Rules distributed by the Transportation Dept. are to be observed by all students at all times. Students not registered with the Transportation Dept. may not board a bus to ride home with a friend. Parents must call 847-7003 regarding all transportation concerns or questions.


  • Adaptive Physical Education District Science Program
  • Title I Master Plan (Special Education Instruction)
  • ELD (English Language Development) Gifted Learner Program
  • Psychological Testing Services Speech Therapy