Magnolia Elementary School



The Oakdale Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees requires that each student be present at school a minimum of 80% of the days in which they are enrolled in the school year to qualify for promotion at the end of the year. Absence from school breaks the continuity of learning and is detrimental to an effective school program.

ABSENCES – Parents need to call the school secretary no later than one-half hour after school begins if a student will be absent (847-3056) or send a note explaining the specific reason for the absence. If your child is at a doctor/dental appointment, verification from their office must be presented for the absence to be excused. Parents of students with excessive absences will be referred to the Student Attendance Review Board. Absences not verified by phone or with a note are marked as a truant.

TARDINESS – Laws which govern school attendance state that it is the responsibility of the parent to see that their child is in school daily and on time each day. When a student is late, not only is instruction missed, class time is disrupted. Any student arriving late for any reason must check in at the school office before going to class. A student arriving 30 minutes or more after school start time is considered truant according to Ed.Code 48260.5. A student that is late due to a medical appointment will not receive a tardy if a note from the doctor's office is provided.  Tardies will exclude students from Perfect Attendance Awards.

LEAVING SCHOOL DURING THE DAY – Students required to leave school during the school day must have parent or guardian permission. An adult who is listed on the student’s registration card must sign the student out in the attendance binder located in the front hall.

SUPERVISION ON CAMPUS – There is adult supervision on campus in the morning at 7:30 a.m. Students may not arrive on campus before that time unless the child is having breakfast in our cafeteria which begins at 7:15 a.m.

CLOSED CAMPUS REGULATIONS – "Closed Campus Policy" means that once a student arrives at school, the student must remain on campus until dismissal time. A student may only walk home for lunch if signed permission is on file.

INDEPENDENT STUDY – is limited to a maximum of 10 days per school year. A request can be made for a minimum of 5 days and must be signed at least 5 days in advance subject to review by the teacher and principal. These days may not include the first week or last two weeks of the school year.

CONTACTING A TEACHER – Communication between the parent and teacher is critical. We encourage parents to communicate with their child’s teacher. Please arrange for an appointment time as teachers cannot interrupt instructional time to talk with parents.